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Made to Measure


Every horse is individual and so are it's measurements. It's not always the case that all parts of an off the shelf bridle will fit your horse. Or maybe you'd like something a little different and just can't find what your looking for. If so then we are here to help. 

If it's special sizes you require, then we will provide you with a measurements sheet to fill in telling us exactly what you require.

You can pick your bridles colour from the J&E Sedgwick leather we stock, or choose any colour J&E Sedgwick supply. 

 From left to right, Black, Dark Havana. Australian Nut, Conker,Light Havana.,

If it's required padding colour can also be specified.

Buckles and fittings can be chosen.

From left to right, Stainless Steel, Brass West End, Nikel Plated West End, Nikel.


Every effort will be made to make your purchase perfect for you, and your horse. If you have any questions or for a free no obligation quotation please feel free to contact us.



HomeProductsSize GuideMade to MeasureContact usPhotos